Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MRI Update

I have been putting this off all day. I had my doctors appointment on Monday with the neurologist. He is sending me in for more testing. They say it doesn't look like a tumor, but there is always that possibility. I do a section of my brain in the temporal lobe that there is no brain matter. When the doctor told me this I couldn't believe it, and then when I called my mom she said now we know whats wrong with you LOL. we have to keep a smile...

I have to go back to the hospital on Monday the 13th. They are running more tests - a mri mra which is basically more detailed testing of the blood vessels, etc. From there they are setting up an appointment with the University of Virginia Medical Center with a neurosurgeon. I am trying to stay calm, but there is that part of me that is scared. When I know more I will be sure to update you all. Thanks for listening.

On a better note, I am staying busy when I can shooting - The kids are doing great - just amazes me. Its finally starting to get warmer here. We have had windows open and shorts on! - Dave is in Dallas at the moment but will be home for Easter. He is gone about 6-9 days out at a time now., I am getting used to it.

Tell me one thing... how do you get through knowing there could something potentially serious be wrong. - I have so much I want to do in my life, and with the kids, Dave and the list goes on. I have found myself praying all the time anymore., you know I can put on a good front and have done it for years... but I guess I am scared now to let anyone in - does that makes sense? Ok I am going to go get the kids ready for bed. - and then work tonight... don't think I will be sleeping alot.