Friday, March 28, 2008

Our trip to the dentist

Cameron had his first trip to the dentist on Wednesday. He did fantastic! My mom is a dental assistant and she always cleans both of the kids teeth. Cam sat so good for her! Great check up for Cam., he has all 20 teeth!

Marissa however is missing the tooth we feared she was missing, however there are several options that are possible... She will end up having braces one of these days, looks like I need to start saving up now.

There are additional photos of Cameron's trip on myspace...

Off to play... the weekend is here!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This past weekend overall was great. I did a bridal shoot on Saturday and then went over to a friends house for a bit, before going back to moms to pick up the kids. Then later on that evening I got a huge headache., I am really going to have to speak with my doctor again about these migraines. Dave was off yesterday and today. I can't remember the last time we spent some great family quality time together. I really don't want him going back to work tomorrow!

I did most of the Easter shopping today also., only need to pick up a few things. Dave has to work on Easter, but I at least think we will be having dinner sometime together. Today he made some wonderful meatballs, then we ended up having sketti for dinner! Yummy!

I am waiting on laundry to finish in the washer so I can head to bed., I haven't felt to hot for the past couple of hours... don't know what my problem is. I will be posting some new photos on my photography blog from this past shoot later in the week. Yawn... time for bed!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everyday Life in My home

There is always something going on in our home. Most of the time its something so funny and senseless, ok so to start, the other night I asked Marissa to feed the dogs and she did, like normal... then yesterday I go to feed them in the daytime, and can't seem to find the dog food, we keep it in the laundry room off the kitchen and always have., so... I give them a little bit of cat food for the night... then just a few mins ago I was getting ready to put clothes in the dryer, open it and sure enough there is the bag of dog food... Cameron must have put it in there!!! LOL.., just the simple things that go on around here!