Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Ouchie!

This past weekend... my grandma and aunt drove in and I decided to stay at my moms to visit... we had a blast until... dum dum dum... I let Cameron go outside and play... and he come to the door, asking to go potty, so I carry him to the potty and on the way back I trip over toys almost dropping him in the floor and go foot first into the coffee table dislocating my toe! I think I cried with pain for ten mins or so! It hurt so much... so on Monday I decided to take a pic to show my mom really how bad it was... It's finally starting to feel better but oh my I thought I was going to die!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gloomy Day

Oh what a beautiful morning to wake up to.... but of course I am being sarcastic... It's dark and gloomy, Cameron has been up since about 5 am, and grumpy. I am ready to just go back to bed. There are so many things that need to be done today., cleaning, and some work on my website., but what I am counting on the most is that nap sometime soon! Hopefully Cam will fall asleep on the couch, and keep me warm! Dave is getting ready to leave from work and I think as soon as he leaves I will go ahead and get things done, that way I can relax later..... Off to be mommy...

Friday, February 8, 2008


Both kids have been sick for the last several days... I think they have given it to me! I am so tired, and would love to just go to bed~ I kept Marissa home from school today, and neither of the kids decided to get up early at all. I do have some work that I want to edit and upload, but that has to be put on hold till mommy gets a minute!

Monday, February 4, 2008

New sink faucet.....

We decided to go look this weekend for a sink faucet, we ended up buying one, and spent this evening installing it! It really wasn't hard, just getting to the screws, and boy that was a job. I also had to fix the garbage disposal this weekend, I thought we needed a new one, but it turns out they make a tool you can buy to see if there is a jam, so we bought the tool, I used it, and yep it was jammed! Woohoo, this home owning is a learning experience! I guess tomorrow, I will spending the day cleaning, since I came home this evening, from Dave and I eating and running a few errands, and basically the house was trashed! Cam's room, the living room, and I didn't even go into Marissa's!! I have alot of things I would like to get done tomorrow... It is predicted to be 70!!! Hopefully so, and I will do a few things outside, and move a few things to the building., and maybe let Cameron play with his powerwheel (hehe). Headed to bed on this end., I am wore out....