Thursday, July 30, 2009


Its been one of those days where I could have just stayed in the bed. - For the past two days I have been sick, my throat is killing me and I ache. Hopefully when I wake up in the morning I can start getting things done around here. First all I need to mow the yard, then clean up the house and finish things in the kids rooms, and mine. - and of course the dreadful word... LAUNDRY!!!

Dave is stuck in Dallas tonight, he delivered this morning and of course they didn't find him a back haul., so I am wondering now if he will be back by Saturday night or Sunday for a couple days. - There are some days I miss him so much., and then others when he is home I want him gone LOL. - I know it has to be like that with all marriages! I tell ya this much, I am very lucky to have such a great man, who has so much love to give. - even if he likes those video games LOL.

Kids are fighting, its getting back to the time where they are getting bored, and need to go back to school, this year school starts on Aug. 26., and I am counting the days... lol, no not really. I know Marissa is very excited about 5th grade and of course Cam can't wait to go to kindergarten, however he says he is going to 6th grade LOL. Ok... I am going to bed!!

This is so funny!

My dad traded in his Tahoe this past weekend. Yesterday these photos were taken at the dealership where he traded in! My mom sent these to me and I had to share! These are so funny!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ramblings- thoughts of my childhood!

For sometime now I have had this on my mind, so here goes...

My daughter is now going into the 5th grade, so of course I am thinking back to my elementary school years. Am I the only one that felt out of place? Seemed like I couldn't fit in with anyone except for a few! Marissa thankfully is popular and is everyones' friend. I really would hate my own daughter having to go through that! To this day I can remember some really wonderful people I had a friends, and one in particular I hadn't talked to in 16 years and shot her wedding a couple years ago, and its like we never lost touch!

We moved a lot to me as growing up. I spent my elementary years in Roanoke, then middle school - and first year of high school in Lebanon, and then once again moved to Stuarts Draft, VA. With all of the schools I attended I never felt like part of it. Maybe it was my name, do you really know how many songs can be made up with Libbie in it? Maybe that's why I went by Elizabeth for the remaining time I was in school. Today I am very proud to be called Libbie, and if I had to go back I would have had everyone call me Libbie from day 1. Now looking back I wonder why in the world I wanted to be part of "certain" groups, and couldn't just be myself... I am proud of the person I have grown into being. I have reunited with various friends over facebook, myspace, and Some of which have become close again.

After all these years, of course you forgive and forget. - but wonder where those people who secretly hurt your feelings ended up. Personally, I am very happy how my life turned out. For one I am a happily married, to a wonderful man - (which I thought I would never get married or have kids). I am so very blessed to have two great kids! (they can be wild, but hey). Somehow I found the career that makes me proud and happy! One of my largest accomplishments is working with the Ms Wheelchair Virginia Organization! Those women make me want to be even of a better person! I for one have learned so much from them, and will be part of the organization for life. - It's wonderful to work with so many different clients, which of some I have made wonderful life long friends.

I would love to go back and make some different decisions, however if I did, then would I have my husband, or my children? Where would I have ended up? I just hope I am not the only person who felt like they were "out of place" growing up! To those people who made fun on me growing up, they only made me a stronger person and I thank them for that! For those people who let me be part of something thank you as well. I will never forget, a birthday party I had in Roanoke with friends, Lebanon going to football games with Amanda or Jessica, Stuarts Draft - going to football games with Amy - cruising Greenville Ave. Going to sock hops, and of course proms. I didn't make the senior prom, but did the after prom party... prom I was in Lebanon VA seeing my Lebanon friends graduate! I have to say my one friend who I have had for 14 years, has been there through thick and thin., and I don't know what I would have done at some points I have hit in my life.

Just look at what I have accomplished over the years!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gettysburg PA july 4, 2009

Our July 4th trip to Gettysburg!!

Waiting for the Civil War wedding to begin!

My baby boy was so into everything!

This is just one of the explosions that happened... I believe this was the 20 cal. cannon ball... the explosion was the ball hitting a hay bell.

Look how pretty the clouds were that day! This is my favorite kind of Blue sky!

A tree I thought was beautiful!

The American Trucker Association on the VA rest areas

Read what the ATA has to say and leave me a comment!

Virginia Closing Rest areas

VDOT has decided to close some of Virginia's rest areas. I believe this could mean more trouble than good. What about all the truckers, familes and others who use the rest areas... Below is a link to the VDOT website.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cameron's Green Eggs and Ham 5th Birthday!

Cameron's birthday party ended up being really a neighborhood get together. - Only one child from his class came., but seeing that his birthday is at the end of June I can understand. The party was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon., and we had so much fun~ Cameron loved his Green Eggs and Ham cake!

The cake came out perfect!!

Cam with another new green eggs and ham! We have went through several!

I just love his little smirks!

Thank you Andrew!

HEHE!! What a cutie! Can't believe he is 5 already!

Friday, July 17, 2009

York Staters Blog.

I found this blog this past weekend! I couldn't believe it! We love New York Salt potatoes!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A day of playing outside!!

July 4th weekend the kids were out playing with the neighbors and I couldn't resist! They were so cute!!

Paralyzed and Pregnant

I am sitting here this evening watching a show on TLC called Paralyzed and Pregnant. - Its been something that I have had to keep watching, basically because I have several friends who are in a chair. Here is the link I found on the tlc website!

After a spinal cord injury made her a quadriplegic at 23, Michelle, gets pregnant at 36 and wants to give birth the natural way.

You may be able to see more clips online... I was amazed by this entire show! What a great couple!